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Junior Developer CPT C# .NET

Cape Town, Western Cape · Information Technology
Our Client is looking for a Junior Developer whose focus will be on testing to augment the development team. The ideal candidate needs to have the following technical skill set:
  • Basic competency in .NET C#
  • Skilled at navigating/using Microsoft Windows and Office
  • An understanding (academic) of Computer Architecture & Networking. (This is usually satisfied by a 3rd year Computer Science level or CompTIA A+/N+ equivalent certification)
  • A university degree
The candidate will also have need to have:
  • Excellent comprehension in areas of logic and mathematics
  • A passion to learn and extend knowledge (core competency skill) in their own capacity
  • The ability to self manage
  • The ability to take ownership of development solutions
  • The ability to communicate clearly to peers and be part of a team.
The core responsibilities of the role are:
  • Write test cases (in a custom development framework) for new features and functionality
  • Create support applications for internal use (non production code)
  • Quality Assurance (Testing)
  • Replicate bugs and create regression tests for them
  • Release Management
  • Own, configure and improve the continuous integration process for products
The role is primarily a support role within the development team. The focus will be on writing automation tests and maintaining the testing framework developed with C# and NUnit. The support role will also entail writing ad-hoc application for internal use by the our client to assist them in performing tasks at clients. The candidate will also be expected to perform responsibilities around configuration and change management as well perform support services such as product installation and hardware install and configuration.
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