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Implementation Consultant – Intermediate/Senior CPT

Cape Town, Western Cape · Information Technology
Areas of interest of candidates
To ensure a good fit of a potential candidate we believe the following are important areas of interest of anyone applying for the role:
  • Financial services industry (specifically the Asset Management industry) : Someone wishing to understand how Asset Management companies operate and the reports they use during the research and investment process. The candidate will be exposed to a broad range of clients.
  • Information Technology (IT): The role may involve systems analysis. The candidate will be trained on and exposed to various surfacing tools used within the Asset Management industry i.e. excel, R, Matlab, Qlikview, PowerBI as well as the technical capabilities of the Quintessence product itself. While there will be exposure to other surfacing tools the role will mainly be focused on working with Quintessence’s main interface excel as well as Quintessence itself.
  • Problem solving: creating solutions for clients based on business analysis and technical architecture requirements. Someone who has an interest in finding the best way to implement a solution to maximise performance would be ideal for the position.
The core responsibilities of the role are:
  • The configuration and implementation of our client at our various clients.
  • Understand the business requirements of our clients, clients, the main focus being the research and investment process of these Asset Managers.
  • Liaise and Interface with clients in a support role.
  • Understand and manage the client’s data requirements, the data being specific to the financial markets. Practically as an example, this may involve uploading data into Quintessence from various sources (JSE, Bloomberg, Internal Reports) using Quintessence’s toolkit and then manipulating the data in such a way that it provides end users of the system with a customised report.
  • Understand and implement financial models and processes.
  • Provide feedback to the Development team regarding new functionality and bugs.
  • Own and enhance the relationship with Quintessence users.
  • Be a Quintessence Brand Ambassador 
 Desired Skills and Experience
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience within the financial markets industry
  • A Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised university.
  • The following degrees have been found to be a good fit: BCom/Bachelor of Business Science degree with a major in IT and/or Finance. Either the candidate should have studied Finance but has an interest in IT or vice versa.
  • Any financial qualification relevant to the Asset Management Industry (i.e. CFA) is ideal. However, it should be noted that the ideal candidate who has successfully completed any CFA courses should be more interested in the IT side of Asset Management as opposed to a Portfolio Manager position for example.
  • Our Clients main interface is Excel. Consequently, proficiency in using Excel is a plus.
  • The platform is primarily configured using the our clients Language, which is based on Excel’s functions. Some experience in a programming language is therefore also a plus.
The candidate will also need to have
  • A passion to learn and extend knowledge outside of the work sphere
  • The ability to self-manage
  • The ability to communicate clearly, communicate with clients and be part of a team.
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