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Senior UI Developer CPT

Centry City, Cape Town · Information Technology
Our dynamic Client in the IT services Sector is looking for a Senior UI Developer to augment the development team. The ideal candidate needs to have the following technical skill set:
  • Proficiency in C# .NET (3+ yrs)
  • Proficiency in WPF and Windows Forms (3+ yrs)
  • Proficiency in MVC/MVP/MVVM UI Patterns
  • A solid software development background in data structures, algorithms and design patterns
  • Skilled at navigating/using Microsoft Windows and Office
  • Competency in Microsoft SQL
  • Competency in WCF
  • A University Degree
  • Nice To Have: Experience with 3rd party UI toolkits (DevExpress, Infragistics, Xamarin etc)
The candidate will also have need to have:
  • Excellent comprehension in areas of logic and mathematics
  • A passion to learn and extend knowledge outside of the work sphere
  • The ability to self-manage
  • The ability to communicate clearly, communicate with clients and be part of a team.
 The core responsibilities of the role are:
  • Implement User Interfaces for the Quintessence Application
  • Implement a testing framework for User Interfaces
  • Release Management (Installers using WiX)
  • Market related based on candidate experience and proficiency
The interview process on our side:
  • The CV is to be submitted with a portfolio to show some of the candidates work
  • The CV will be reviewed
  • We will advise if the CV is successful or not
  • If the CV is approved, we will arrange for a 30-minute meet and greet face-to-face meeting
  • If the candidate is to proceed, we will then arrange a suitable time for the candidate to write a test. The test is a few basic development questions (C# and Microsoft SQL) – no prep required.   The test could take up to 3 hours (depending on candidate proficiency).
  • If the candidate passes the test, the candidate will be interviewed by the 4 directors.
  • A final decision will then be made.
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