Accounts Manager - Marshalltown

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Date Posted: 18-03-2019
Employment Duties
Your job requirements shall include but not be limited to the following:

Group Scheme Administration

  1. Monitor and record all premiums received in the applicable bank accounts;
  2. Liaison with the policy administrators with regard to payments received and the allocations thereof;
  3. Collation of provisional invoices received from the scheme administrators;
  4. Ensure all schemes reconciliation’s have been completed by month, and notifying both the managing director and policy administration manager of any schemes that have not been reconciled at month end;
  5. Completion of the monthly “Income & Distribution” report;

Claims Payment Administration

  1. Completion of the third phase claims assessment. This entails specifically checking that any payment is in accordance with the payment details as instructed by the beneficiary  of any claim;
  2. The escalation of any suspicious behavior or documentation on any claim file to the claim’s manager, or failing them the managing director;
  3. Capturing beneficiary payment details on the relevant EFT payment system, or preparing cheques as may be required;
  4. Ensuring correct capturing of any beneficiary details. You may be required to capture yourself, or to supervise others in the capturing;

Account Monitoring, Payments authorisation and Signatories

  1. The monitoring of bank statements and reconciliation’s thereof;
  2. Design of and implementation of proper payment procedures and authorisations, and the ensuring all payments are made only in accordance with proper procedures. Where claims payments or operational payments are required, at least two signatories will be required to authorise payment;

Department Management

  1. Review of current departmental staff job descriptions and functions;
  2. The development of a “departmental manual”, setting out departmental goals, procedures, flow diagrams and assumptions;
  3. Developing staff requirement plans including budgets. This would include identifying required skills within the department;
  4. Interviewing suitable candidates in conjunction with the managing director should additional personnel be required. You will only be permitted to employ additional staff after consultation and approval of the managing director.
  5. Setting of targets for staff, and the monitoring and appraisal of such targets;
  6. Ongoing supervision of staff performance;

Financial Record-keeping, Statements and Reports

  1. Preparation of and maintenance of proper books of account for company, including financial statements to trial balance and provisional balance sheets;
  2. Designing of suitable monthly reports. This may be in conjunction with directors or other parties;
  3. Preparation of records for audit purposes, and providing such assistance where required to complete the audits;
  4. Ensuring monthly compliance with required statutory payments, and where such payment has not been made, the escalation of the matter to the managing director;
  5. Preparation and completion of staff salaries and commission payments, etc
  6. Ensuring all required and appropriate records are kept, with suitable back-up


  1. Ensuring all documentation is filed and stored correctly as per department procedures. This would include the implementation of specific control measures due to the confidentiality of all information;
  2. You may occasionally be requested to visit client’s premises;
  3. Ensuring compliance with statutory provisions as may be required, specifically the Policy Holder Protection rules;
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