Occupational Therapist - Arcadia, Pretoria

Location: Arcadia, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Date Posted: 12-08-2018
Summary of Duties:
The Occupational Therapist (OT) is a core clinical member of therapeutic team. The OT should bring clinical and personal experience to assist in the continued development of the programs and provide support to management. The OT will play an important communicative role throughout the clinic and must take an active role in the coordination, management and development of the programs .
Detailed Responsibilities: 

a. General Presence and Administration
The OT will be a presence on the unit to assist management in the general running of the programs. When the OT is not in groups, consulting individual patients or orientating patients to the program, the OT should busy him/herself with the business of the practice. This may involve study and preparation time, administrative responsibilities in line with HPCSA regulations, answering the phone and attending to patient enquirers, working on the website and communication within the general hospital.
Accurate and ethical billing according to budgetary and funders’ requirements.
Fulfilling administration duties for the company as required for the smooth running of the units.
  1. Groups
The OT will conduct groups within their scope of practice. They should include didactic, skill development and therapeutic groups.
  1. Individual Patients
The OT will be assigned individual patients for which they are responsible for the management of the care of the relevant patients under the care of  the company and whilst admitted to the clinic, as well as provide insight and support through the process of brief psychotherapy.
  1. Ward Rounds
The OT will attend the ward rounds to the units they clinically contribute to. In ward rounds they will assist in assessing and defining treatment programs and appropriate referrals. The necessary feedback is to be provided.
      5. Orientation and Assessment of Patients  
The OT is responsible for assisting in conducting the orientation assessments on all patients admitted to the company at the Clinic within 48 hours of the patients’ admissions. They may also be asked to assist with the discharge assessments. The OT may be requested to assess prospective patients and assist in their admissions or appropriate referrals.
  1. Feedback and Supervision
The OT will provide feedback to management on matters regarding the team and may be called upon to supervise junior staff members as per the request of management.
  1. Training
The OT may be called upon to assist in the training of clinic staff, nursing and the company team members to ensure continued development of all staff and programs within the company and the Clinic.

     8. General
  1. Ensure all Health and Safety regulations are adhered to
  2. Perform various tasks as assigned to you by Management
  3. Maintains a high level of confidentiality
     9.  Qualifications: 
Must have a four-year degree in Occupational Therapy and be registered with the HPCSA/SASSWIP and BHF.
     10.  Skills 
  1. Functional and occupational assessment skills
  2. Ability to design therapy programmes based on functional impairment
  3. Ability to implement therapy programme on group and individual basis
  4. Record-keeping in line with legal requirements
  5. Professional communication within the multi-disciplinary team
  6. Ability to work with Microsoft Office essential
     11.  KPA's  
  1. Provision of a high quality therapy programme to patients with measurable outcomes.
  2. Efficient Record keeping.
  3. Effective communication with the entire multi-disciplinary team.
  4. To actively support and engage in  Quality Project activities and initiatives
  5. Taking supervision and engaging in regular training to ensure best practice. 
  6. Maintaining registration with the HPCSA and BHF and ensuring CPD requirements are met.
  7. Conducting of Group Therapy
  8. Management and care of individual patients
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