Location: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa
Date Posted: 11-07-2018
  • The incumbent will lead, drive and implement  the Change Management Communication Strategy of a digital migration programme in schools. 
  • Communicating the Change Vision Clearly and Doing it Early 
  • This will involve communicating the vision of change and what the organisation will achieve at the end of the change effort.
  • The vision should be described in simple form, must be clear and must be able to influence respective stakeholders strongly in implementing decisions.
  • The earlier the vision for the change is communicated, the easier it will be for the  people to be able to adapt and understand the nuances of change. 
  • Highlighting the Benefits and the Impacts of Change 
  • Develop an effective communication plan to manage the inertia or fears due to a change. 
  • Ensuring that the Leaders of the Organisation Actively Communicate in the Entire Process of Change 
  • Ensure organisational leadership of the organisation conveys the importance of the change.
  • Ensure leadership demonstrates their personal and visible commitment towards the entire process of change. 
  • Using various Channels or Mediums for Communicating the Message of Change 
  • Demonstrate an ability to understand how people learn about change from different mediums of communication. 
  • Providing Opportunities for Exchange of Dialogue or Conversation 
  • Providing opportunities for discussion and facilitating a two-way communication with the stakeholders to foster ownership. 
  • Repeating the Messages of Change Periodically
  • Regular communication of the change message to facilitates a greater understanding of the objective of the change.   
An experienced professional is required who can hit the ground running please.
Salary: Market Related
BEE Position
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