Enterprise, Financial and Supplier Development Analyst (EFS Analyst)

Location: Shere, PTA East, South Africa
Date Posted: 05-06-2018
Job Title: Enterprise, Financial and Supplier Development Analyst (EFS Analyst)

Purpose: To take responsibility to monitor, collect documentation and report on initiatives pertaining to the Enterprise and Supplier Development

Principle duties and responsibilities:
Data Analysis (medium to advanced MS Excel knowledge is required)
  • Convert, process and analyse Supplier Ledgers received in Excel format (from a variety of financial systems) and convert into pivot tables.
  • Process supplier data in MS Excel in a format required to do a procurement analysis for BEE.
  • Do cross-checks throughout the process to ensure data accuracy is guaranteed.
  • Capture data on our internal system
Reporting on findings and basic strategic planning :
  • Analyse information and detect and report risks
  • Provide reports on initiatives implemented
  • Write reports to update the person that tasked you on progress, findings and results
Verification Preparation:
  • Collection of data from client premises
  • Good communication skills via Outlook and Telephone to do document reviews and follow-ups
  • Compilation of supporting evidence
Manage the relationship with the clients (on your level of competency)

  • PP-Trend analysis
Client Reports

Competencies and Experience:
  • Degree in B.Com Accounting (or similar)
  • Knowledge of the following:
GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles)
IFRS (International Financing Reporting Standard)
B-BBEE (Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment)

  • Be willing to undergo training pertaining to all aspects of the job
Self-study & inhouse training on BEE Codes of Good Practice

  • High level: MS Excel/Spreadsheet & Analytical Skills 
  • Analytical, Reasoning, Objective, Impartiality and Confidentiality
  • Perfectionist: Ability to deliver work that requires flawless accuracy and correctness
Ability to work independently

  • Ability to communicate in English at an executive business level: Speaking, in person or telephonically and writing
  • Ability to direct clients in documents required and originate, correct and edit documents
NOTE: Many of our clients are Afrikaans speaking and a basic knowledge of Afrikaans is advisable.

Information Technology:
  • Ability to record, manipulate and create data electronically (very good Excel knowledge)
  • Have an excellent understating of English spelling and grammar (basic Word knowledge)
Use Outlook to communicate and manage your tasks and emails

Be a highly admin-orientated perfectionist who is able to produce work on very high levels of correctness and accuracy!
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