Customer Support Administrator

Location: Midrand,, Johannesburg, South Africa
Date Posted: 12-05-2018
Main Responsibilities:
Processing of quotations on Channels World Distribution Service Centre and 70/71 (external suppliers + R&O, Standard Exchange/MRO):
Responsible for acknowledging the receipt of RFQ to the Customer Support Manager.
Responsible for creating a quotation and ensuring that the pricing conditions (mark ups) for different customers are met and noting the terms of payment for the respective customers.
  1. Follow-up on the credit management and reconciliation of the account with Accounting Department.
  2. through the Customer Support Manager, via e-mail or Purchase Order, the Sales Administrator is responsible for creating a Sales Order.
Ensure adherence to KPI requirements when creating the sales order i.e. OTR5b, Export Control & the TOP 5 objectives as implemented by AH Group.
  1. Responsible for sending the order acknowledgement to the Customer Support Manager.
  2. Ensure regular follow up is provided to the Customer Support Manager, with pertinent information on the status of the order whilst understanding their needs to make modifications if necessary.
  3. Responsible for launching delivery when the parts are available and invoice within the correct accounting period.
  4. If the spares or consumables are not available on WDS, responsible for then requesting a quote from the procurement department, which constitutes a channel 70 order.
(Note: The processes (1 to 9) are the same as WDS, except you will request the quote from the Procurement agents and constantly following up with them on status of the order).
  1. Once the spares or consumables are received in Logistics and the Goods Received Voucher is issued, responsible for launching the delivery and invoice within the correct accounting period.
Note: AHZA’s incoterms are EXWORKS GCA so the Customer Support Manager has to be informed that the spares are ready for collection promptly. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Customer Support Manager is constantly updated until spares are collected, to eliminate “spares not delivered at month-end.”) If the incoterms are CIP, ensure constant follow-up of spares/consumables delivery. 
Maintenance Planning Inspection follow-up:
  1. Attendance to maintenance meetings everyday if some your fleet/aircraft are in MRO process.
  2. Constant follow-up with planning of MRO actions:
    1. Tracking of Gantt charts with committed delivery date to customer.
    2. Tracking of spare parts status (including standard exchange and repair and overhaul).
  3. Constant update of status to Customer Support Manager.
Financial requirements and WIP:
  1. Ensure that margins are met by reconciling the WIP report to the sales order and then to invoicing.
  1. Attendance to specific customer meetings when required.
  2. Responsible for Minutes of Meeting reporting.
  1. Siebel
  2. SAP
  3. OTR Dashboard
  4. MS Office (especially Excel)
  1. Ensure that the laptop is synchronized with relevant files and emails.
  2. Ensure that you are always reachable on the standby cellphone.
  3. If a request for quotation is received during standby from the Customer Support Manager or directly from the customer, the quotation has to be issued and sent to the customer directly, copy to the Customer Support Manager.
  4. All the liaising with the AOG desk and the customer will be done by the designated standby person.
  5. If there is a credit management issue during standby period, it must be sorted out directly with Finance Department and reported to the customer.
KPI’s in accordance with our client
  • Responsible for checking the availability of stock in the respective plants ZA01 (AHZA), MACS (AHF) & 3000 (AHD).
  • Ensure that stock is committed to the customer in accordance with the availability date.
  • Responsible for adherence to the following rules when committing to the First date or Requested Delivery Date (RDD):
    • Allow travel days for consoles to arrive in AHZA accordingly.
AOG -24Hrs, RUSH - 4 days and Planned – 7 days
  • Allow sufficient time for Logistics to do the receiving of the item on the system.
  • If the stock is available in plant ZA01, send the Logistics department an email followed by a telephone call to arrange immediate delivery creation so OTR is not missed.
  • All shipment follow-ups through channel 70 are to be done via the Procurement agent.
    Required Qualifications:N/A
    Skills & Competencies:
    ·     Knowledge and experience of SAP
  • Computer skills – MS Office proficiency – Excel intermediate
  • Proactive person, good organizational skills, good capacity for problem solving
  • Aviation experience
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