Restaurant Manager JUNIOR JHB

Location: johannesburg south, Gauteng, South Africa
Date Posted: 10-05-2018
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-Job Title Junior Restaurant Managers
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-Job Title Restaurant Supervisor
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-Job Title Restaurant  Waiters
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-Job Title Restaurant Bartenders
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-Job Title Restaurant Cleaners
*Attached a copy of the approved organogram.
Section B
Job Purpose, Duties and responsibilities of the post.
B.1. Job Purpose
To ensure Kraal Restaurant meets the requirements of each client in a cost-effective and professional manner. You are also tasked to safeguard Kraal Restaurant/ Hotel’s property. Oversee all aspects of the restaurant, including setting up, cleaning up while focusing on detail and quality and customer service. The Restaurant Manager is also responsible for all supervision of restaurant staff including; Hiring, training, coaching, disciplinary and reviewing restaurant staff.
B.2. Duties and Responsibilities of the Post include but are not limited to the following:
Number Duties / Tasks Frequency
1.1 To ensure that the food and liquor costs are maintained at their agreed levels and that the correct profit margins are achieved.  
1.2 To ensure that the agreed budgeted targets are achieved or bettered.  
1.3 To ensure that once a booking is confirmed, all details and requirements are noted and set up according to the guest's requirements.  
1.4 To check the restaurant front of house and back of house sections, bathrooms and public areas for cleanliness before guests arrive, table layout and stipulated specific requirements to enable shortcomings to be rectified before the restaurant opens.  
1.5 To greet the guests and circulate during the course of the breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ensure availability in the event of a problem or complaint.  
2.1 Ongoing monitoring of performance appraisal process according to Kraal Restaurant’sPolicies and procedures. This is to be done (minimum once a year) on employee work anniversary. Annually
3.1 To give all services staff proper training and to ensure that standards, duties, and responsibilities are fully explained and understood Monthly
3.2 To assist in the systematically training, development and reviewing of staff. When needed
3.3 Ensure that annual restaurants training plan is followed and up to date When needed
3.4 Monitor training is happening throughout the restaurant as per plan Monthly
4.1 Complete Kraal Restaurant salary input on any changes to payroll, Monthly
4.2 Ensure updated tip sheet is sent Monthly
5.1 To attend training courses as required When needed
5.2 Complete daily management Opening & Closing Procedures When needed
5.3 Ensure all other relevant checklists are complete When needed
6.1 To assist in carrying out Kraal Restaurant induction of new employees. When needed
6.2 Ensure quarterly performance appraisals are held with staff When needed
6.3 Attend to HR issues as soon and when they arise Annually
7.1 Hearings and resolving employee grievances, counseling employees and supervisors When needed
7.2 Obtain assistance and advice from Labour consultant When needed
8.1 To be fully conversant and comply with health and safety, hygiene, fire and security regulations and procedures of the hotel and to ensure others are aware of their responsibilities in this regard. Annually
8.2 Ensure Monthly departmental health and safety checklist are complete and handed in Annually
8.3 Reporting of all health and safety incident through WCL2 and Annexure 1 documents When needed
8.4 Take necessary corrective action against employees who fail to adhere to Kraal Restaurant’s Policies and Procedures and the South African Health & Safety Act When needed
9.1 All cash ups to be completed after the shift and any monies and cash ups dropped Daily
9.2 Ensure that all tables are closed off correctly Monthly
9.3 Ensure correct PM’s are used for clients Daily
9.4 Load all maintenance issues on Opera When needed
9.5 Ensure that all Purchase Orders are printed for deliveries When needed
9.6 Ensure that all Purchased Orders are processed through materials control When needed
9.7 Draw up work schedules for restaurant service staff. When needed
9.8 Draw weekly/Monthly hrs worked for the restaurant When needed
9.10 Manage sick leave, maternity on ERS When needed
11.1 Ensure that all doors and windows are locked when cashing up / end of night shift When needed
11.2 Ensure that all lost and found is reported to housekeeping department When needed
12.1 To minimise controllable costs. Annually
12.2 To ensure all administration procedures are correctly carried out Annually
12.3 To maintain a high level of co-operation with other departments in the hotel. Annually
12.4 To perform any other duties that may be requested by management. Ongoing
12.5 Ensure that the necessary floats are available for functions and weddings When needed
12.6 Hand in weekly management report to GM and MD When needed
12.7 Attend finance meetings When needed
12.8 Attend Quarterly Strat meetings When needed
12.9 Always ensure that storerooms are packed in an acceptable manner that reduces breakages and damages to company property  
13.1 To assist in the direction, control and organisation of staff to ensure the efficient running of all restaurant services in Kraal Restaurant in accordance with company policy When needed
13.2 To assist in the promotion of all company products to all prospective customers in order to maximise sales and revenue. When needed
13.3 To maintain the highest standards of presentation and service through staff training and quality control. When needed
13.4 To be fully conversant with all facilities and services in the hotel, to be aware of and to anticipate guests needs  
13.6 Supervise service and overall progress of a breakfast, lunch or dinner  
13.7 Liaise between FOH and kitchen staff to ensure that appropriate courses are served on time.  
13.8 To carry out regular team briefings with staff  
13.9 Supervise turnarounds in the restaurant.  
13.10 Responsible for ensuring the correct amount of waiters are available for service  
13.11 Manage all client feedback in a constructive manner within prescribed time frame  
13.12 Ensure that your team treat service providers in a professional manner  
13.14 To ensure that surplus equipment is removed once service is over and returned to its correct storage place.  
13.15 To ensure that all staff are correctly and smartly dressed at all times.  
13.16 To ensure effective briefing of waiting staff before the shift commences.  
13.17 To ensure that the service of food and drink is courteous and professional.  
13.18 Dealing with customer complaints.  
14 Perform all such duties and exercise all such powers in relation to the business of the Company as may from time to time be vested in or assigned to them by the Company.  

B.3. Authority of the Post
This outlines the authority of the jobholder has to make decisions or to take independent action without reference to a superior. Limits of authority may also be included (e.g. not permitted to.)
Permitted Not Permitted
Enforce company policies and procedures Leave retsuarant unattended
Ask for support from TOP management Allow functions take place without full payment
See to the companies best interests  
Section C
Job Specification
Skills relevant to a job included education or experience, specialised training, personal characteristics or abilities.
C.1. Essential Requirements of the Post
State the minimum education, qualifications and experience that are required to perform the job competently.
Qualification Degree or three years Diploma in hotel Management or equivalent.
Reason for preferred qualification  
Experience Previous experience in similar Job role or minimum 2 years’ experience as Restaurant Supervisor. Experience in Restaurant management software and Point of sale software.
Desired Competencies  
Skills Multitasking
Dealing with grey areas
Effective communications
Discrete and Ethical
Conflict management
Personal effectiveness/credibility
Activator/self-motivated to accomplish goals, with a strong sense of responsibility.
C.2. Physical Requirements of the Post
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. This position requires the ability to occasionally lift office products and supplies, up to 20 kilograms.
C.4. Special Conditions attached to the Post
Conditions Shift Work
  Weekend Work
  Public Holiday Work

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