Unit Manager (KZN)

Location: Durban / Umhlanga, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Date Posted: 09-03-2018
Role title
Unit Manager
Reporting structure
Nursing Manager

The Unit Manager will be responsible for coordinating improved quality nursing care by ensuring compliance to professional and ethical practice.
The incumbent will also be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that nursing care and service delivery is implemented and practiced within a multi-disciplinary quality assurance team. In accordance the incumbent will be accountable for coordinating capacity building, mentoring and training.

 Manage acuities and skill mix in such a way as to ensure cost effective quality care
 Manage all costs emanating from the department
 Ensure correct billing, stock management and purchasing
 Facilitate timeous and accurate compilation of files
 Identify quality improvement opportunities and ensure appropriate strategy and Quality Improvement initiatives are developed and measured
 Active involvement in own professional development to maintain a satisfactory level of skill and knowledge
 Keep up to date with the companies evolving policies and procedures
 Keep abreast of current research in the applicable discipline
 Create an environment where staff are aware of the role they play in the provision of quality nursing care and their value to the organization
 Assign decision making, authority, tasks and responsibility to appropriate persons in order to maximize organisation and employee effectiveness.
 Develop a talented nursing workforce.
 Co-operate with the companies Education Division to ensure appropriate nursing training for the delivery of quality care

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 Facilitate a culture that is supportive of talent management and the initiation of required implementations to hone nursing talent
 Monitor staff attendance and/or absenteeism and ensure action is taken accordingly
 Enforce staff dress code within and on leaving the Hospital
 Facilitate effective change and conflict management
 Orientation of new staff and students
 Facilitate staff development both personal and professional
 Coaching and mentoring of staff
 Ensure professional conduct and appearance of staff
 Promote staff wellbeing
 Work effectively and co-operatively with others to establish and maintain good working relationships that are mutually beneficial.
 Create and maintain a positive environment where the differences of others are recognized, understood, and valued, so that all can reach their full potential and maximize their contributions.
 Develop collaborative relationships to help accomplish work goal
 Maintain customer intimacy through building relationships with doctors, nursing staff, suppliers and building patient loyalty
 Build strategic inter-departmental relationships to help achieve business goals at Exco and departmental level within the hospitals
 Foster an effective working relationship with service providers
 Foster an effective working relationship with Public liability

 A relevant nursing qualification (Diploma in General Nursing/ B Cur Degree) or equivalent NQF 7 qualification
 Registration with the South African Nursing Council as a Registered Nurse
 Compliance with the SANC code for a Registered Nurse and all applicable health care legislations
 A relevant management qualification will be advantageous
 An intermediate level of Computer proficiency

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 2 or more years experience in a private hospital setting
 Experience in clinical leadership

 Sound financial knowledge and the ability to interpret financial data

Coaching Others*
The capacity to recognise development areas in others and support them to facilitate personal development through coaching.
Leading and Managing Change*
The capacity to implement and support change initiatives and to provide leadership in times of uncertainty.
Performance Development*
The ability to evaluate and develop different levels of capacity within a team to achieve set objectives.
Taking Action
Capable of recognising the need for action, considering possible risks and taking responsibility for results.
Decision Making
Capable of making decisions timeously and taking responsibility for the consequences.
Managing Self
Capacity to plan, organise and control own work environment by setting appropriate priorities and achieving set objectives within a given time frame.
Customer Focus and Service Delivery
The capacity to identify and respond to the needs of *internal and external customers.
*Internal and external customers include patients, doctors, colleagues, suppliers, visitors, vendors and any other person that requires a relationship
Adapting and Responding to Change
Capable of supporting and advocating change initiatives and managing own reaction to change.
Continuous Improvement
The capacity to improve systems and processes to facilitate continuous improvement.
Personal Work Ethic
Capacity to instil an ethic of quality and consistency in self and others.
Building Relationships
Capacity to establish constructive and effective relationships.
The capacity to clearly present information, either written or verbal.
Printed copies of this document are uncontrolled and must be destroyed after use
Capacity to cooperate with others to work towards a common goal.
Technical Knowledge
The capacity to perform a technical function to required standards.
The ability to provide direction in terms of action towards certain future outcomes.
Creating conditions of willingness and participation amongst teams by providing sufficient, encouragement, information, resources and authority to
Team building
Creating team players and team effectiveness by using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to instil a cooperative atmosphere conductive to building a cohesive team.
Global mindset
Possessing a global frame of reference that enables one to scan the external world environment for different perspectives and to adopt successful practices. The capacity to inculcate a global mentality in others by instilling shared values and cross cultural sensitivity.
Designing and aligning
Ensuring the optimal alignment of employee behaviour with the organisation’s vision and values.

At the company, our core value is care. We care about the dignity of our patients and all members of the family. We care about the participation of our people and our partners in everything we do. We care about truth in all our actions. We are passionate about quality care and professional excellence.

 Care - The basis of our business. The professional, ethical patient care and services we offer at every level of the organisation.
 Truth - The crucial element in building relationships that work. Open communication with honesty and integrity is essential.
 Dignity - An acknowledgement of the uniqueness of individuals. A commitment to care with the qualities of respect and understanding.
 Passion - The creative, passionate and innovative drive to do things better than before. To develop and implement successful healthcare solutions for all.
 Participation - The willingness and desire to work in productive and creative partnerships with others and the commitment to communicate.

The Way
The company is committed to providing quality care. Our basic service standard holds us accountable for the below seven behaviours which you will be accountable to uphold:
Printed copies of this document are uncontrolled and must be destroyed after use

 I always greet everyone to show my respect.
 I always wear my name badge to show my identity.
 I am always well groomed to show my dignity.
 I always practise proper hand hygiene to show my care.
 I always seek consent to show my compassion.
 I always say thank you to show my appreciation.
 I always embrace diversity to show I am not a racist.
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