Buyer (CPT)

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Date Posted: 08-03-2018
Our client is looking for a New Buyer to join their hard working team...

The position is available immediately.

  • Will be responsible for placing ALL orders in the company whether for raw materials, consumables, stationery or capex. All depts..will send requisitions to the buyer detailing their requirements, price and delivery date. The buyer will verify all prices and give feedback on delivery.
  •  The buyer will maintain all Raw Material and Component Pricing Data and expand the list to include consumables and other items.
  •  Attend to all price discrepancies and short and over deliveries of materials
  • Maintain and update the Raw Material and Import Component spreadsheet in conjunction with the planner who will input orders and forecast. This document will reflect all items on order, date required, when due to arrive and showing a general movement. He will be discussing this document with the Planner and Production Manager on a regular basis.
  •  Work with the Planner on all raw material, plastic and packaging requirements.
  •  Work with the Production Manager and his team on all consumables requirements and stock levels.
  •  Prepare files for each import order with all necessary information enabling Hilary to complete the financial side.
  •  Overall responsibility for setting and maintaining minimum and maximum stock levels and supervising stocktaking.
  •  Overall responsibility for the bulk store and Rebate store.
  •  Responsible for all problems in the raw material store that relate to shortages and or losses.
  •  Working with Quality Control on any issues concerning returns and quality issues of goods received.
  •  Regular meetings with the Planner to ensure that all materials are on schedule.
  •  Implement SLA with suppliers and meet with them regularly to improve service delivery, pricing options and reductions.


  • Analytical Skills: You will be working with multiple vendors to determine the best deals for your company, and will have to evaluate the many pros and cons of each, based on price, quality, speed of delivery and other factors.
  • Decision-Making Skills: You will need to use the information you have gathered to make decisions on behalf of your company.
  • Math Skills: Basic math skills will be needed to analyze prices and get the best deals possible.
  • Negotiating Skills: You will be working with suppliers to create the best deals. Negotiating skills will help you create those deals.
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