General Semiconductor FAE

Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Date Posted: 06-03-2018
Requirements of the position

- Bsc.Eng or a B-Tech and ideally 2-4 years design or hands-on experience
- 15-20 Customer visits per week (normal week).
- 80% visits at top 20 customers or specified target customers.
- Target 40 logged opportunities per month.
- Maintenance of existing opportunities for region based on system report every Thursday.
- Call plan to be entered into Outlook Calendar (and affected to actual visits at the end of the
- Respond timeously to customer opportunities and leads.
- Build relationships with engineers and related staff at customers.
- Work closely with sales people to drive business growth at customers in the region. Address
opportunities generated by sales team and hand over appropriately once secure.
- Meeting feedback/notes to either be provided in Outlook calendar or in a separate report.
- Brief weekly report to be provided to Branch Manager, Technical Director & Sales Director
on success, issues, highlights of the week and goals for the following week. To be used in
tandem with data from visit reports (you are not expected to repeat info in visit report).
- Attend weekly call with FAE team (normally Friday afternoon).
- Attend bi-weekly sales training (normally Friday afternoon).
- Keeping up to speed on new products from the company suppliers as well as technology and
innovation associated with the company's industry.

Use of Time

Time should primarily be spent as follows:
- Customer meetings to unearth new opportunities and to promote new products.
- Researching products and solutions for customers (either to address a current opportunity
or proactively drive innovation at a key customer/customers).
- Logging opportunities in SAP.

Expectation for first 3 months

The first 3 months will be a period of intense learning and development.
You will:
- Receive training on the company's SAP system and processes.
- Receive training on the company's key lines & products from the company's FAE team.
- Need to do substantial self-learning on products & suppliers to supplement the above.
- Meet and build relationships with customers.
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