Contract Managers / transport Managers Johannesburg South

Location: Gauteng, johannesburg south, South Africa
Date Posted: 12-12-2017
 Contract Managers / Transport Managers : Specializing in the Fuel Industry 

Requirements :
  • 2 Years experience within the Fuel industry as a Transport/Contracts Manager 
  • Valid driver's Licence 
  • Own reliable transport

Job description/ duties 
  • Journey Planning
  • Loads performed vs loads ordered
  • Management of production schedule
  • Effective management of unavoidable
(Maintenance weekend on & off shifts)
  • Route Planning daily
    • Daily – weekly management (inspection, corrective action & collecting and filing) of following documents:
    • Collecting Trip sheet & Delivery supporting documentation
    • Ensure Production schedule is completed correctly and filed.
    • Ensure Maintenance & Tyre records are filed.
    • Ensure Reports from Tyre Department & Wheel alignment (i.e. tyre pressure/depth reports) are filed.
    • Preparation & authorization of supplier invoice with order number.
    • Report register -Incident/accident, MVC, Business Interruption, contamination, spillages
    • Damage diagram – update & recommendations to maintain fleet image.
    • Update Hazchem and Medical file immediately upon receipt of documentation.
    • Induction certificate schedules to be updated and maintained on a regular basis.
    • To administer Tracking device to ensure that pre-determined route standards are being adhered to (Journey planning).
    • To administer the continuous record keeping of all fuel consumptions statistics of each vehicle daily.
  • Administer Driver behaviour daily.
  • Debrief driver's daily.
  • Take necessary disciplinary action and conduct disciplinary enquiries.
  • Toll fees receipts and reimbursements are processed on arrival.
  • Ensure that the driver knows where the clients premises are and if any special loading or off loading condition.
  • Take the initiative to warn drivers to be careful of poor driving conditions, like heavy rain, mist or any other conditions that you might become aware of.
  • Ensure that all defects on vehicles are seen to immediately
  • If defects are being attended to, ensure that those are followed up, either in own workshop to minimize delay.
  • Ensure that all vehicles have necessary high visibility equipment like tools, jacks, protective clothing, spill kit, triangles, torch etc
  • In the event of specific loading documentation required ensure that   it is in the vehicle
  • Ensure that driver’s have the necessary Tanker documentation on       
        Board – i.e. Safe Load/Fire permits/COF.
  • Ensure that driver’s deliver all documentation and trip sheets to office as soon as possible including destination sheet, distance and fuel consumption, reporting of refuelling.
  • Take the necessary action against driver’s not adhering to this   Procedure and instructions.
  • At the end of each shift, ensure that each driver has reported defects, product credit, damage to vehicle or any other incident outside of the ordinary.
  • Record all discrepancies in the incident register and ensure that the required disciplinary action is taken by proper following up.
  • Remember if you do not take the required disciplinary action you become liable for disciplinary action, as it would be seen as not doing your job properly. 
  • Ensure that the vehicles are cleaned, weekly washed.  Drivers are to get permission from Operations Coordinator to have vehicles cleaned during the week to minimize cost and time delays.
  • Never lie to any customer, or supplier, for whatever reason, even if it seems like the only solution when under pressure.
  • Rather communicate well ahead of time to let customers and suppliers know of any potential delays.
  • Ensure at all times that you know where each of your vehicles are especially on long distance trips.
  • In the event of vehicle emergency responses reported by Matrix you must investigate, immediately report to Management.
  • Address any customer, supplier or driver politely and with the necessary respect, to ensure good relationships are upheld at all times.  (Treat any person that you deal with in the execution of your job, as you would like them to treat you).
  • However, never allow any driver to intimidate you or your authority as it will cause serious implications for you and the operations in the future.  
  • Conduct Initial Incident and Accident investigation and complete register. Ensure that all information is obtained from the Driver. All Investigations to be closed out within 24 hours.
  • Hold company information in strict confidence and will not, nor will he permit any other person to, copy, reproduce, market, transfer or otherwise dispose of, give and/or disclose the confidential information to any unauthorized person;
  • Confidential information shared during meetings shall not be discussed with staff.
  • Ensure that BTO are coached on DRIVECAM.
  • All driveCam events to be closed within 5 days of event.
  • Responsible for Journey planning/ Route planning
  • Daily capturing of loads, schedules and planning
  • Manage operating schedule
  • Dispatching of vehicles/trucks
  • Interact with Customers, Drivers and Management consistently to ensure a successful operation
  • Maximize vehicle utilization
  • Effective problem-solving
  • Ensure vehicles are kept clean at all times
  • Inspection, corrective action, collecting and filing documents
  • Ensure production schedule is completed and filed
  • Maintenance & tyre records are filed
  • Preparation and authorization of supplier invoices
  • Report Register- incident/accident/MVC/spillages etc.
  • Administer Journey planning & Tracking devices
  • Administer: driver behaviour, fuel stats of each vehicle, toll fees, documentation for incident/accident reporting
  • Reporting all Driver absenteeism, Breakdowns, Vehicle defects & Repairs
  • Pre- and Post trip check sheets
  • Inspection of vehicles, reporting defects
  • Timeous repairs and quotations of all equipment
  •    Manage the operating schedule on a daily basis and ensure that it is completed correctly and properly.
  •    Manage Fleet co-ordinators and BTO’s on a daily basis.
  • To interact with customers consistently to ensure a successful operation.
  • To attend weekly management meeting.
  • To react to problems immediately and effectively to resolve such and ensure the continuity of safe operation.
  • To interact continuously with Management to ensure maximum vehicle utilization and efficient problem solving.
  • To interact with drivers with regards to scheduling as well as disciplinary functions.
  • To communicate promptly & effectively between customers, drivers and management to ensure efficiency and good relations.
  • To assume the role of stand by driver in the event of emergencies, as discussed and jointly determined by yourself and management.
  • To ensure vehicles are kept clean and tidy inside and outside and that scheduled washing is performed on a weekly basis, tyre pressure and greasing when necessary, preventative maintenance, all pneumatics checked.
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