System Administrator (Benoni)

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Date Posted: 08-11-2017
Overview of Responsibilities
The company is a professional, innovative group that is well positioned in the debt recovery industry and is well represented in the credit control and collections market. We offer a wealth of debt management and debt collection experience across various industries in addition to leading edge revenue enhancement processes and technology.
The systems administrator is expected to assume tactical responsibility for the management and administration of the Excalibur Operating System; the key responsibilities assigned to this position will inter a lia focus on managing and controlling the configuration of system related settings in strict compliance with Excalibur’s user manual and user departmental/ branch requirements, managing the creation of various profiles/ books and account structures in compliance with client Service Level Agreements and instructions issued by the Senior Collections Manager; activating and managing template structures for use by operations personnel in strict compliance with permitted practices as authorized by the mandates issued by respective clients as contained within the concluded SLA’s, manage the receiving of instructions from team leaders/ Senior Collections Manager who are operationally responsible for the performance on specific books, and ensuring the all instructions with balance adjustments, payment files, trace actions/ instructions, electronic documents ( AOD’s, section 129 etc), variables updates, archiving of matters etc are strictly controlled, balanced and performance managed in strict compliance with SOP; the position will furthermore assume responsibility for managing external data sets, and running verification/ data validation protocols in line with protocols and SOP; the position will likewise assume operational responsibility for maintaining all client systems interfaces ensuring all data is secured, updated, balanced and controlled and that all system reporting( predefined as per client requirements/ configurations) are fully functional and reported on as per agreements with clients, and that all security considerations and parameters are controlled, maintained and complied with; the position will likewise assume responsibility for managing, implementing and coordinating the roll out of all operating system upgrades, including providing requisite training to end users on core functionality of system upgrades.
The position will oversee the management of all operational queries logged by various branches with the functioning of Excalibur and associated add on modules, attend to the verification of the underlying problems reported, attend to problem solving and correction, and where required escalate the matters to Future soft for remedial actions, including performance managing the turnaround times to limit operational downtime.
 Duties & Responsibilities:
The duties outlined below are minimum requirements which may be varied from time to time after consultation with the incumbent.
Minimum Specific duties
Administration of the Excalibur Operating System
  • Manage and control the configuration of all system related settings in strict compliance with Excalibur user manual and user department/ branch requirements with specific emphasis on the following key setting parameters:
    • Firm Settings -  Basic settings, Branch settings, setting up Trust accounts, Custom settings;
    • Client & Book settings – Operational settings, Book Finance Settings, Book Branch settings;
    • User settings – creating user accounts, assigning books, statuses, communication settings, Rights settings;
    • Template settings – Supplementary info, Document Settings, Automated SMS Template Manager;
    • Uploading & updating all required documentation involved ( Letters, Sec 129, AOD, Proof of payments etc );
    • Management Settings – Call Campaign settings, SMS Campaigns, Operational settings;
    • Import settings – Imports, Updates, Financials, Import Reports;
    • Archive settings
  • Manage the creation of various profiles and books of account in compliance with client service level agreements and instruction issued by the Senior Collections Manager, and Chief Operating Officer respectively;
  • Attend to all customization requests as related to new status, sub-statuses, and action statuses in line with operational process improvement plans adopted;
  • Activate and manage the assignment of approved templates per book in compliance with permitted practices, and in-accordance with authorized scope of works, and clients instructions, ensuring that relevant protocols applicable to various templates are fully observed, and that assigned templates selected are appropriate;
  • Attend to the management of all incoming instructions received by team leaders, Senior Collections Manager and COO, ensuring that all instructions wrt new handed over matters, balance adjustments, payment files, trace requests, variables updates, electronic documentation supporting key actions, are strictly controlled and actioned within acceptable turnaround periods as defined with the SOP, updated appropriately within Excalibur and communicated back to originating departments once completed;
  • Execute data validation protocols through third party data sets, and attend to the updated of key variables eg. Indigent Databases, SASSA, SARS, CBP/ Compuscan in compliance with SOP;
  • Assume responsibility for maintaining all client system interfaces( integrated within Excalibur and standalone, ensuring that all data is secured, updated, balanced and controlled, and that all system reporting requirements are met in compliance with systems security parameters;
  • Assume tactical responsibility for managing the rollout of version upgrades, ensuring the rollout is fully planned, communicated, and coordinated to ensure minimal disruption to operational efficiencies;
  • Continuously assess systems utilization, and communicate optimization strategies to Senior Collections Manager for implementation to improve overall operational performance;
  • Conduct routine training to all branches on the core functionality, and management of all modules with Excalibur to ensure optimization.
Managing Help Desk
  • Assume full operational responsibility for managing all incoming queries logged with regards to the functioning and performance of Excalibur, including site specific requirements;
  • Investigate the veracity of reported matters, and attend to resolve all matters reported, ensuring compliance with service standards on acceptable turnaround times as defined with the SOP
  • Where required formally log electronic ticket items to futuresoft for investigation and resolution;
  • Performance manage the turnaround times, ensuring the quickest possible turnaround time and provide routine feedback to user department, Senior Manager; reported matters that are deemed catastrophic in nature or will result in downtimes exceed 8 hours must be reported to COO;
Bulk Mailings
  • Assume full responsibility for all bulk mailing instruction emanating from branch level;
  • Assume full responsibility for all data validations, ensuring the accuracy of all data contained within section 129 generated;
  • Managing the printing, and dissemination of all generated letters/ files ensuring that all letters are posted, and that source evidence to this effect is uploaded onto Excalibur;
  • Attend to the update of variables, in particular the date of receipt by the post office;
  • Report action status to branch level.
  • Undertake weekly and monthly statistical reporting to Senior Managers Collection, COO and CEO, defining all letter campaigns initiated, bulk trace actions initiated and status of account structures per book, per branch;
  • Attend to any supplementary reporting required by Management as may be defined from time to time.
Personnel Management
  • Performance manage assigned resources, comprising tracers, data officers and administrative personnel;
  • Coordinate all associated activities ensuring compliance with service standards defined within the SOP;
  • Provide direct guidance, leadership and mentorship to assigned personnel aimed at cross skilling resources.
  • Work closely with the company cross functional teams to ensure efficient, effective and economical execution of all projects, and that the operating platforms are functioning optimally, and that source data for all books are up to date, and that data reflected are a true representation of all actions undertaken;
  • As a member of the the Group management team, the incumbent will be required to closely interact with the Chief Operating Officer, and Management at various branch levels
Reporting structure
  • Report to the Senior Collections Manager.
  • Managing Director
  • Business Development Director
  • Senior Manager: Collections
  • Collections Manager: Gauteng
  • Strategic 3rd parties
Key requirements
  • Grade 12
  • BCom ( informatics), MCSD/SQL or similar qualification
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a systems administrator, managing a fully integrated collection system ( Excalibur would be preferable);
  • Demonstrable experience in dealing with large data sets and databases;
  • Excellent organisational and administration skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Advanced Excel skills;
  • Advanced problem solving skills;
  • Sound understanding of IT systems and usage;
  • Valid driver’s licence.
Personal Attributes
  • ‘Highly motivated and self -managed;
  • Ability to handle multiple duties and work effectively and efficiently in a fast paced, deadline driven environment;
  • The ability to cope with a diversity of tasks;
  • Excellent accuracy skills;
  • Demonstrate attention to detail;
  • The ability to work independently.
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