Production Manager (Mossel bay)

Location: Johannesburg, sandton, South Africa
Date Posted: 01-11-2017
Our cluent Main Purpose of Job
Ensure production plan is full achieved on time and in compliance with legal requirements meeting safety, quality, hygiene, cost and environment need. Drive continuous improvement through TPM.
Empower people to motivate and develop their capability. Align and involved all the relevant functions
Key Outputs : List the main areas in which the job must deliver in order to achieve its purpose.  Measurements / Performance Indicators
1. Ensure that finished products are consistently manufactured meeting prescribed standards (compliant), on time and meeting consumer expectations 1. Achieve Detailed Production Plan targets in terms of schedule, quality, cost and consumer compliance
2. Effectively manage the DOR, ensure exchange of information (cascade Target/escalate issues) for alignment with the objectives in the short term and WOR, MOR for medium and long term to achieve production plan and to identify and achieve performance improvements.  Motivate, guide, support and coach the resources to achieve objectives and to act in accordance with NCE guidelines.  2. Continuous improvement of selected performance indicators. Average DOR coaching Tool Assessment minimum 70%.
3. Maintain a safe working environment in compliance with the local laws striving for Zero accidents through continuous coaching on safety behaviours. 3. Achieve "zero" accidents
4. Elaborate and execute workforce development program that will provide appropriate flexibility of workforce and assets. Focus on material availability, finished goods quality, and on time delivery through optimal resource allocation 4. Achieve Master Schedule Attainment Targets
5. Lead a continuous improvement/employee involvement culture through NCE approach. Drive for excellence and support operators and staff in their tasks. 5. Achieve successful NCE implementation
6. Provide timely feedback and coaching to individuals and team in order to develop them to their full potential and to achieve objectives in accordance with NCE guidelines. Ensure succession plans and development - coaching of direct reports (where applicable) including development of specific training.  6. PDG/PE, Succession plan, talent discussion
7. Ensure ongoing smooth operation of factory through employee and industrial relations 7. Achieve and sustain effective communication with and motivation of shop floor and ensure no labour unrest, % turnover and absenteeism
8. Ensure the timely launch of new products to the Market as per agreement with the business unit 8. Achieve new product plan in terms of schedule (time), quality and cost.
Key Relationships Internal: (shared / conflicting interests)   Key Relationships external  (shared / conflicting interests)
Factory Manager & other members of Factory Management team   Suppliers    
Peer   Union representatives    
Production Managers with same Product Categories        
Demand & supply planner, Production Planner & Maintenance Planner        
First Level Manager and Production Operator        
Engineering, Quality and Warehouse Staff        
Key Experiences:
What experience brings success to this job?
  Knowledge:  Corporate/ Functional/ Market / Business/ Organizational.
What does the person need to know? 
1. Demonstrated capability to lead a group of people   1. Understanding of production planning process
2. Experience in different environments in different manufacturing operation   2. Knowledge of NCE - TPM methodology, Lean thinking, etc…
3. Successful in leading projects involving different departments or functions.   3 Advanced understanding of AM Pillar Methodology
4. Exposure to implementing  continuous improvement and employee involvement techniques. Implementation experience of TPM.   4. Basic understanding of PM Pillar Methodology
5. Attend and actively participate in Rive-Reine seminars: Ensuring Supply, R&D and Technical Management   5. Product and process mastership
6. Experience in change Management   6. Advance knowledge of manufacturing instructions and quality standards
        7. Advanced understanding of how to effectively lead and control meeting (ability to handle meeting and conflict)
        8. Advanced understanding of the related departments and their role (Quality, Engineering, Warehouse, etc…)
        9. Business knowledge. Competence base of H&S, Engineering, Quality, Costing, Supply Chain.
        10 Knowledge of HR policies, industrial relation and legislation
        11. Knowledge of "The F Management and Leadership principles", local community and shared value
        12. Advance knowledge of GLOBE processes and transactions 
        13. Advance knowledge of G.I. 23.010 + Standards Management
 Leadership Framework: 
Behaviours the person needs to exhibit
Standard/ Developed/Highly Developed
Leadership Framework:  
Capture why the 4 most developed behaviours are key for success
  Functional or Professional / Managerial / Business Skills:
What can the person do?
Standard/ Developed/Highly Developed    
Insight D     1. Practice what you Preach - the PM is a model for the factory and needs to act consistently according to principles and values
  2. Proactive Cooperation - the PM needs to work collaboratively with others demonstrating commitment to achieve group objectives
Enerzige & Engage HD   3. Coaching skills: be able to work on the inner strengths and weakness of a person to bring out the fullest potential
Enable Results through Others HD    
Coach and Develop HD    
  Other Personal Qualities:
The personal style attributes that enable success
Influence With Integrity HD  
  1. The ability to maintain a safe working environment through proper housekeeping (5 S) and safety practices including proper utilisation of machinery and personal protective equipment in the plant.
Courage D   2. The ability to ensure smooth operation through effective staff management and deployment
  3. The ability to recruit, train, coach and develop people in collaboration with Factory HR
  4. Must be passionate about people and display caring attitude as well
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