Technical sales Representative (JHB)

Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Date Posted: 06-10-2017
To service and call regularly on designated customers to sell the Company's products within the geographic boundaries
of the assigned territories. To ensure that the Company's principle products are sold and to meet set sales targets and


1. Sales
‚ Sell the Company's products to all customers within set geographic boundaries.
‚ Ensure maximum number of product lines are sold.
‚ Focus on products with higher profit margins.
‚ To demonstrate our products and advise customers on how to use them.
‚ To out source cheaper and reliable suppliers.
‚ Quote all customers using Pastel Accounting. No verbal quotes are allowed.

2. Sales Procedures
‚ Follow Company's sales procedures and etiquette during sales calls.
Administration Procedures in respect of Sales Received
‚ Follow Company's administration procedures as per Administration Procedure i.r.o. Pastel
Manufacturing, a copy of this has been handed to you, with your Employment Contract. You are
required to familiarise yourself thoroughly with this document.

3. Sales Opportunities
‚ Maximise sales opportunities whilst visiting customers and potential customers by selling products
related to INDUSTRIAL & FILTRATION PRODUCTS (Filter Press Cloths; Dust Filter Bags; Cathode
Bags; Filter Press Plates; Filter Cartridges; Strainers etc.) and / or obtain sales leads for MILLING
PRODUCTS related to: RSM Sieves; Nylon Mesh; Purifier Covers; Connector Sleeves; Milling
Accessories; Stainless Steel Mesh etc.

4. Sales Targets
‚ Ensure monthly sales targets, new account targets and key product targets are achieved. These are
to be discussed, documented and agreed upon by Technical Sales Representative and the Director.


1. Stock & Sales
‚ Ensure that there is sufficient stock available before quoting customer/s or potential customer/s. This
can be done by accessing Pastel Manufacturing using your office laptop.
‚ Prevent competitors from taking over the Company's market share.

2. Support
‚ Provide on-the-job support, guidance and training (if necessary) to customer/s.
‚ Develop and maintain good relations between customer/s and the Company.
‚ Ensure that customers have full knowledge of products supplied by the Company.
‚ Communicate orders to administration department timeously
‚ When requested by accounts department / management, follow up with customer/s when they delay
in making payment of their account/so
‚ Discover and handle concerns from customers.
‚ Assist the company in implementing its marketing plans as required.

3. Call on Customers
‚ Call on all customers according to an approved sales call cycle, which is to be approved by Technical
Sales Representative and the Director.
‚ Identify "new" customers, "new" markets and "new" product trends.
‚ Increase the number of active accounts.

4. Record Keeping
‚ Maintain a reliable, up-to-date customer record system as per the Company's Administration
‚ Maintain records of "new" customers and potential customers through files, Pastel Manufacturing and
Microsoft Address Book, so as to ensure cost effective coverage of the territory.
‚ Arrange a number of status reports, e.g. weekly Tracker Reconciliation Reports against previous
Calendar week, advanced weekly Calendar, weekly Quotation Reports; any further reports that may
be required by Management.

Description for Technical Sales Representative:

Major Goal:
Sell products related to the INDUSTRIAL & FILTRATION directly through phone calls, visitations, presentations to
applicable customers and industry.

Key Result Area 1: Activity:
Performance Standards
My job is in this area will have been satisfactorily performed when:
1. I have successfully visited all my existing customers within 3 (three) months. This I will do in 3 (three) month
2. I have successfully generated and made contact with 4 (four) "new" clients / leads every month.

Key Result Area 2: Productivity:
Performance Standards

My job in this area will have been satisfactorily performed when:
1. I have achieved a minimum target of R ( ) every month for the first year of employment.
In my second year, I will achieve a minimum of R ( ) every month.
2. I will see a minimum of 10 (ten) customers per week.

‚ Matric Certificate.
‚ Certificate or a Diploma in Sales, or Sales Training Course Certificate.
‚ A minimum of 3 (three) years experience in Sales. Technical knowledge and
experience in the Filtration Industry, Mining / Heavy Industry will be an added
‚ Computer Literate i.e. Ms Word, Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint, Internet,
Pastel Accounting for Quotations will be an advantage.
‚ Candidate should be able to use electronic devices i.e. Cell Phone and Tablet for
sending e-mails, so that maximum benefit can be derived from the device.
‚ Work requires significant local travel, thus a valid drivers license is essential with own
reliable car.

‚ Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
‚ Ability to persuade and influence others, thus gaining their confidence.
‚ Ability to develop and deliver presentations.
‚ Ability to create, compose, and edit computer documents.
‚ Knowledge of sales promotion techniques.
‚ Customer service orientated.
‚ Must be committed, positive and hardworking.
‚ Passionate about work and customer service.

‚ Able bodied and physically fit (good / strong back and neck muscles), so as to carry
out sales duties and able to endure travelling.
‚ Energetic and self motivated person.
‚ As stated above, good health with no injury / health problems that will affect them from
travelling and carrying out their duties.

‚ We are a Christian company, so the person would fit in, if they shared the same values and
‚ Male between 23 and 30 years of age.
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